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The 10 Cameras Project is a sociological art experiment concerned with issues pertaining to identity, community exchange, and the democratization of art. To this end, 10CP has invited the public at large to engage directly with the art community and its gallery circuit. Very simply, the project revolves around an effortless exchange of goods, creative minds taking photos and trading prints for public contributions of ideas, performances, and artistic objects. All prints and objects were exhibited in the Art Space Scottsdale from March -May, 2011.

The 10 Cameras Project team collected the cameras from the chosen artists and actively sought public involvement for the next stage of the project. Organizers invited all community members irrespective of academic or professional experiences to submit bartering proposals indicating what goods an individual would be willing to provide us with in exchange for the contents of one of the aforementioned artist cameras.

Ten of the submitted community proposals were selected and traded objects/performances were exhibited adjacent to the photographs for the March-May exhibition at Art Space Scottsdale at Optima Camelview Village.

For more information about this project, please direct inquiries to:
10CP Designer & Social Practice Artist
Peter Christenson